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Our Demands

Pass Our Legislation

​Young people are always overlooked. Students and young professionals are not taken seriously as an instrument of change. We are the future and demand inclusion in the process of improving the world around us.

The Legislation we are working hard to submit, reflects the vision of young people and all of our allies. Policies that are so broadly supported should be legislative priorities for our representatives on the DC City Council.  

Join The Fight

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Need for Change


Stand up! Fight Back!

The American legislative process is highly exclusive, especially for young people. Even vocal youth leaders are stifled by the American System. But Democracy at Home knows the potential of youth power, and the importance of including young people in making the decisions that shape our future. We're committed to giving future leaders the tools to tackle the most important issues today!

Guiding Beliefs

Democracy at Home Positions

Democracy at Home is committed to uplifting the voices of all young people in DC, not just our own. That being said, we do have broad policy goals that we are working to accomplish. Click the button below to see where we fall on the issues. Please reach out to us with any questions about our positions!

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Washington DC, 20052.


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