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Youth activism and political organizing

Our Work

The American legislative process is highly exclusive, especially for young people. Even vocal youth leaders are stifled by the American System. But Democracy at Home knows the potential of youth power, and the importance of including young people in making the decisions that shape the future. We're committed to giving future leaders the tools to tackle the most important issues today!

Theory of Change

Youth Power

Young people continue to move our country forward. Youth powered movements confront important issues with bold solutions when no one else will. We aim to be the instrument these powerful leaders use to bring their ideas to fruition. We know that with the right tools and training, young people can be an unstoppable political force.

Self-Sustaining Communities

Dem@Home believes in the power of communities that sustain themselves through Mutual Aid and Youth-led Political Advocacy. In Washington DC, Democracy at Home organizes youth political power and works to strengthen active Mutual Aid Networks in order to build self-sustaining communities.

Coalition Politics

Coalitions’ ability to bring allies together around a common goal has created lasting change in our country. The unity these political organizations create can be a mightier force than any one politician. By uniting behind youth-written legislation, coalitions can put young people into  the rooms of power.

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