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Guiding Beliefs


Public Education has the potential to be an equalizer in American Society if schools across the nation are fully, equitably funded

Environmental Justice

Conquering the Climate Crisis by hearing the concerns of the most impacted is key in securing a just livable future for all

Public Safety

American law enforcement functions as it was built to, oppressing people of color and failing to stop crime at its origins

Economic Justice

Every citizen deserves the tools necessary to contribute to the collective success of their communities


Desegregation is the biggest myth in American history, the United States is not an integregated society

Food Justice

Everyone is entitled to three healthy meals a day no matter their socioeconomic status

Housing Justice

Housing is a basic human right for all, not just those lucky enough  to afford it

Fair Healthcare

Americans are getting ripped off every day we continue to use a healthcare system controlled by corporate insurance

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