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Democracy at Home Projects

Youth Mutual Aid

Democracy at Home is committed to providing equitable educational access to every DC young person. This is a goal we know requires connecting students of all backgrounds with the physical essentials necessary for success in school. To facilitate the distribution of such resources, Democracy at Home is launching a new project: Youth Mutual Aid.


Democracy at Home will procure and distribute vital items such as winter clothing, non-perishable foods, school supplies, shoes, hygiene products, and various other essentials. By alleviating food and resource insecurities, our program aims to empower students toward success.

Our overarching objective is to go beyond immediate needs, and provide resources that specifically enhance a student’s educational experience. In pursuit of this, Democracy at Home will scale the project in order to provide hard-to-access educational materials, such as laptops, printers, and wifi routers—resources often restricted to higher-income students. Join us in making success accessible and attainable for DC students across the city, fostering a future where learning knows no bounds.

Hot Spot Canvassing

Democracy at Home is wholly committed to hearing and listening to the vision of young people in DC. We want to hear from students overall the city, so we meet youth where they are, at their schools. Every Friday, you can find Democracy at Home members at one of the high schools across the city, talking to young people about how they would reform their education environment. The opinions collected through this project will directly influence our policy work by informing the legislation we write and advocate for. We pledge to only advocate for change that young people support and demand!

Political Testimony

We are primarily, a legislative organization. While we engage in other methods of organizing, our legislative priorities are our North Star. As we build power through other strategies, we will begin to influence local politics by sharing testimony in front of the DC City Council and School Committee. To begin, we are testifying on legislation that directly focusses on public and charter education in DC. While our longterm goals include writing our own legislation, we are excited to begin by interacting with and sharing our opinions on pertinent City Council and School Committee actions. Sign the form below to share testimony with us!

Future Projects

Eventually, these three projects will be part of a number of projects Democracy at Home works on. Currently, we have two avenues we will expand to over the next year. The first is the Youth Power Coalition, a group of organizations committed entirely to passing legislation written by young people. Our three current projects are all designed to build a foundation strong enough to make the Youth Power Coalition a successful reality.

Democracy at Home will also be introducing Community Education, a series of campaigns bringing civic literacy to DC communities all over the city. A legislative priority of ours is implementing civic literacy into school curriculums. Community Education will ensure those learning opportunities are available to more than just current students. 

As we grow, we are committed to continue developing innovative projects that put youth in the rooms of power. Together, we can make youth-led legislative politics a reality.

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