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Phone Call Script


Hello, my name is  (Insert Name) and I am a (Your Role: young person, youth ally, educator, activist) in your district. May I please speak to the staff person who handles education reform for the City Councilor/Mayor?

Reintroduce yourself if you are put on the phone with a new staffer.

Get them on your side:

I am calling today to ask the City Councilor/Mayor to support Democracy at Home legislation written by young people across DC. These bills reflect the true needs of our students. We have to listen to young people, they are in the classroom everyday and know how to fix public education.  Democracy at Home has worked diligently to ensure these laws also reflect the needs of teachers, parents and the larger DC Community. Each of these bills respond to the needs of all stakeholders in public education and must be passed!

Talk about which pieces of legislation are most important to you. Include a personal story about why this legislation is important to you.


Can the City Councilor/Mayor commit to supporting Democracy at Home Legislation?

If Yes: 

Thank you so much for your time and I truly appreciate yours and City Councilor/Mayor (Insert Legislator's Name) support! I Can’t wait to continue working on furthering education justice with you!


If No: 

Would the City Councilor/Mayor be available to sit down for an in person meeting to discuss education reform? I am available (give time/date options for a meeting), do any of these times work for you and the legislator? 

Thank you so much for your time, and I can’t wait to speak further with you about education reform in the city!

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